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Want to know where my skins come from, check out these sites where you can play mobile games and do surveys for skins:
earnskins<dot>gg/ (CODE: gratis - for free 50 coins)
freeskins<dot>com/r/sweet (use full link and it will give you 100 free coins)
gain<dot>gg/r/gratis (will give you free 10cents to start, best site to make some skin money)
clickloot<dot>com (CODE; cheezztaco)
app.collectskins<dot>com/?r=Cheezztaco (collectskins 2.0)
gamermine<dot>com/r/gratis (withdraw cash)
csgopoints<dot>org/?ref=76561198282769474 (CSGO skins)
earnflow<dot>net/go/VnG7Z14I (CSGO skins)

(replace <dot> with '.'):

Dealing with a serious Rust addiction

I used all these sites myself and can prove that they will send you your earned skins.
If you use my ref codes and links I also help you in my discord channel with tips on how to do some mobile games quicker and qualify for surveys more often:

Steamid: 76561198282769474
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