Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2019-06-21 17:00 UTC

Cookies and Local Storage

This site uses Cookies in order to identify your computer, and allow us to associate requests from your computer with the relevant user account.

Local Storage also provides useful functionality, such as remembering user preferences from previous browsing sessions.

By using GAIN.GG, you are agreeing with our use of Cookies and Local Storage outlined above. Cookies and Local Storage may be cleared or blocked at any time, however the functionality of this site will be severely limited if you choose to block them.

Data Collection

When you use Steam or Google Sign-In to access our services, you agree to share basic account information with us. The purpose of this is so that this information can be easily accessed at a later date, without having to make additional requests to the sign-in provider.

When you sign in, we collect the following information:

  • Your Public Steam64ID
  • Your Public Display Name
  • Your Public Avatar
  • Your Public GoogleID
  • Your Public Display Name
  • Your Public Avatar
  • Your Email Address

We do not collect passwords or any other sensitive information.

Note that your Display Name, Avatar and (on Steam accounts) your Steam64ID will be publicly displayed on your profile page on the site. Earning and referral information will also be displayed.

You can set your profile to private on your Profile page to cause only your Display Name and Avatar to be visible publicly.

Your-Surveys Profiler

When you complete the Your-Surveys profiler on GAIN.GG, the following information is requested:

  • Your Email Address
  • Your ZIP Code
  • Your Gender
  • Your Date of Birth

This information is used for the sole purpose of finding surveys suitable for you profile, and will only ever be shared with Your-Surveys (

By completing the survey profiler, you agree for us to hold the data provided for up to one year after your account was last active. Please get in contact with us if you wish to permanently erase profiler information.

External Offer Walls

When using the external offer providers on GAIN.GG, they may collect additional data from you.

Data collected by these companies is not accessible by, or stored by GAIN.GG. Each offer wall has its own Privacy Policy, which should be read carefully before providing any information.

IP Addresses

When accessing GAIN.GG, we record and store your request IP address, which we may be stored for up to a year after the address was last seen.

This is done in order to identify location inconsistenties, and flag potential VPN services in order to identify illegal/fraudulent activity.